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The Rules of Twitter

A very popular social media trend right now is to discuss in length all about  the growing pains of everyday problems users are facing with Facebook on the Twitter platform. This thought process confuses me. Lets pretend for a moment I own a Ford truck and I am having mechanical problems. If I wanted to find advice or help on the web about my truck, I would look in a Ford truck forum group. It would just be silly for me to post my problems in a GM truck forum. So with this mind-set I have adapted the Fight Club Rules to fit my personal pet peeve. Read more »


How can I create/suggest a new badge?

Do you find yourself checking in, just hoping to unlock that next elusive foursquare badge? One of the main reasons you play foursquare is to collect the really cool badges. Do you have a unique or very original foursquare badge idea you would like to create or suggest? Check out the following by Chris Thompson that blogs for some good advice on suggesting a new badge idea. Read more »


Free Advice

Pantone Chart

If you want to order a project that needs to be printed for tomorrow, you should order it in advance. Why, b/c that is just common sense!

Always best to give your local print shop or print vendor plenty of time to produce your job correctly and at a price you can afford. Remember, rush fees can make miracles happen sometimes.

Watch out for the dangerous thank you charge!