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The Law on Fonts and Typefaces

The right typeface is often the key to a great logo, graphic or web design. But there’s much confusion and misinformation about typefaces, fonts and the law.

Many people (including myself) do not understand the law governing the use of typefaces and fonts. Others incorrectly assume that they can freely use any typeface or font for any project. Under United States law, typeface designs are not subject to copyright. However, novel and non-obvious typeface designs are subject to protection by design patents.

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Modified RSS Feed URL in WordPress

Load time on my wordpress blog has become a small problem. I have been recommended by many people to turn off all of my plugins and only use the ones I really needed so there was no bottle neck in my php code. My progress has included hard coding 4 plugins so the code will hopefully run smoother and a little quicker. I have run into one plugin that I could not hard code. I wanted to change the default URL for the blogs RSS feed. I have a feedburner account and wanted to link direct. Read more »