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February 1, 2011


Content is King

If you haven’t noticed, the interweb is changing around us everyday. I have recently asked myself, am I changing with it or am I being left behind? What have I done to share in the creation of content?

My first jump into original content was to create a blog. It’s a great way of sharing my thoughts and ideas without too many obstacles. It has given me an opinion and it allows me to be in control of the conversation. What I should be writing about has become my biggest road block. I love reading original content but feel I am not very skilled at crafting my own. I will continue to try to write more content and we can only hope it gets better the more I write. What’s the worst that can happen, right?

Where does one absorb content? Twitter has become a great in-road for daily and fresh content. Twitter lets me be in the driver’s seat. I read what I want and I share when I find it applicable. It gives me total control. I can be part of a local topic in Savannah or dive into something regional or national. I almost never find myself surfing the web anymore for something to read. My twitter feed tell me where to go and what to read. The people I am following are shaping the content I read. Every once in a while some of those connections get stale. One reason I enjoy using twitter so much is that it is ever-changing and continues to evolve.

One of the major things I enjoy taking away from the web is content. It continues to drive me in new directions. However, I believe it is not enough to consume content and not create your own. One who consumes but does not create is being left out of the conversation. One who creates but does not consume is missing out in the real connections. It takes a healthy amount of both to achieve the ideal ‘Perfectly Balanced Content Breakfast.’

And I love me some breakfast…

Please leave a comment with your thoughts or opinions and include a link to your original content.

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  1. Buffy Nelson
    Feb 1 2011

    OK, I just have a couple of things to say….First and foremost, I don’t think you give yourself enough credit. While you, for lack of a better word, worry, about writer’s block, lack of content, etc. I have found some of your better content is when you aren’t focused on those things. Some of our liveliest discussions have come from something one of us has said that is way out in left field somewhere. Secondly, Twitter doesn’t change, the people using it change. Professions change, interests change, relationships change and Twitter is nothing more than the conduit to which people receive these changes. Last, but not least, and this is just my “humble” opinion, content is NOT king. Unless you are selling something, I feel one’s personal blog should be about anything THEY find worthy of sharing (and sharing has never been your problem). Just blog. Trust me, you won’t allow yourself to be left behind, that’s not your style. One last note….I’ve had breakfast with you before, it isn’t always balanced!

  2. Feb 7 2011

    I agree with your friend, Buffy… but I have to say, I share your pain about writing. It’s easy for me to write about my family and the daily goings on about our life, but I’m having a hard time with the content for our business. I feel you’ve done a fantastic job building your social media community. This article I’m reading (although for moms still relates to any one), mentions many things you have already done! Building a Community with Social Media.


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