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January 6, 2011


To Follow or not to Follow

As of the first of the year on Twitter, I have 317 followers and I in return follow 87 different accounts. What does that mean about me and my social media style on twitter? The interesting thing about that question is, I am not sure if I know the answer. Let me explain…

I have taken some time to think about the relationships between me and the people I choose to follow. Please remember this post is all about twitter and only those connections. What makes a person follow someone or not follow someone? Recently there were back and forth conversations of why I would follow or not follow and the dreaded term, overtweeting. When I was new to twitter I followed everyone I could find and in return followed anyone that followed me. This was information overload and I had to tone it down. My new rule of thumb is to keep up a clean follow list so I can focus on no more than 100 different accounts at one time. Those that I do follow, I try to read what they share and then I interact accordingly.

I am in need of some data, it always makes me feel better. I googled “twitter stats” and was pointed to TweetStats. This gave me some interesting information that is important to my above question. Here is a graph that shows my daily tweet density since my first day on twitter. What does this graph show me? It shows that I am a work day tweeter. I use twitter even less after 5pm and barely on Sunday.tweet density

I try to match my follow list to match my habits for tweeting. If you say nothing all week and then follow-up the weekend with 50 tweets I will most likely unfollow you. I have noticed more and more after the workday I am just not that interested in using my computer. I would guess more than 80% of my tweets in the evenings are coming from my iPhone. Tweets from my iPhone are typically replies, photos or check-ins. I am not sharing anything useful.  I think this information is very valuable to see what habits you have created from your time on twitter.

Now for the topic you have all been waiting for, overtweeting. Someone who does not fall into my generalized guidelines from above would be unfollowed. There are a handful of reason to unfollow someone; overtweeting, oversharing, self promotion, and spam are just a few. Overtweeting is not a sin. For me, it is all about content. My twitter palette has matured over the last year and my opinions have becoming stronger. I like what I like and I read what I read. It comes down to the old age saying, it is nothing personal.

I wanted to share another piece of data that I have gathering in regards to the tweet that has sailed a many ships and blog posts.

I wanted to know more about the people that I follow. What is the one piece of data that is important? What do you have in common with the people I follow? Using the above mentioned website to show me mine twitter stats, I focused on the following graph the most. Side note: Notice 40.66% of all my tweets are @ replies. This shows I am engaged.

The two people I have had the most conversations with are two women I have followed and unfollowed on more than one occasion. What does this info tell me? I had to ask a friend to help figure that out. FollowWonk was able to give me the numbers I wanted. It gives me the shared follow data about those two top accounts. Between myself, Nicole Galleta and IslandNetworkin (AllisonMol) we share 19 connections. That accounts for over 20% of the people I follow.

What does all this mean? I do not have to follow you to have a conversation with you. Let the six degrees of separation handle the rest.

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  1. Jan 6 2011

    excellent points. 🙂 I notices the same thing. We do follow a lot of the same people. It does get to be a bit redundant especially if you are on both Twitter and Facebook.
    Love the statistics. Which completely proves my theory in my last blog post 😉

  2. Jan 6 2011

    Hey, glad to make the top ten of your conversations list. Also interesting, how much you interacted with someone you just met at Geekend 2010. Guess the mom love and beer buying are big wins with you! 🙂


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