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November 6, 2010


On the Prowl at Geekend

Want to make friends at Geekend? This is one way of doing it. Here is my best version of the play-by-play of an interesting evening with fellow geeks in the wings. Please note: I am not a writer or even a storyteller.

Geekend Day 2:  It started off with me unfortunately missing every single daytime session. I was desperately trying to close up my Friday work day so I could enjoy the evening. I was excited to attend the evening keynote with Oscar Gerardo and meet up with some friends. A quick check-in with foursquare and I was ready to enjoy the evening.

ErikShultz: OK, finally here. Where are my people? #geekend (@ Geekend2010 At Coastal Georgia Center w/ 12 others)

After a short while of walking around the lobby looking for someone that I knew, I found some of my peeps. Not long after getting my photo taken and  chatting with friends I received a reply to my tweet about my check-in and I fired right back.

OMGLX: I’m not your people… yet… But I’d love to be! Where does one apply to be part of the Erik-tourage? #Geekend

ErikShultz: I am known to be found talking to pretty geeks. Thanks for the support! #geekend

This is were I thought this twitter conversation was over. Boy, was I wrong.

OMGLX: How does 6 ft tall, strawberry blonde, & fine alabaster skin sound? 😉 I’m also an Aries & love long walks on the beach.

Ok, this kind of took me off a guard and was unsure what would be an appropriate response. Remember, your always marketing yourself. I was sitting in the main conference room awaiting the keynote speaker. I decided to share the comment with some people in the area. Three people down from me was Scott Stratten. I decided his thoughts would add to an original response. After a small amount of debate and an added opinion from Hal Thomas, the tweet was decided. When in doubt, go old school in your response…

ErikShultz: Sounds great. Give me your moms Twitter handle 🙂

I was almost convinced the fun was over. I was not sure if this person was able to take a joke and go along with it. When you are surrounded by geeks, you are usually in good company. Soon, I find a public tweet that did not reply to my last tweet. The conversation continues.

OMGLX: Just traded a date w/ my mom for an interview with @ErikShultz! She doesn’t know, but I don’t think she’ll mind. Thanks, Ma! #Geekend

ErikShultz: Interview…deal, I am a friendly guy. #geekend

OMGLX: Sweet!! Also – she says you’re paying. And no funny business. #Geekend

ErikShultz: I was not aware there would be money exchanging hands. No funny business = Dutch.

And now it is all over. Was it funny while it lasted? Damn straight, it was funny. Now we move on because the keynote is over and it is time to head on over for a drink at Blowin’ Smoke. Knowing some of my friends would be heading over I thought it would be funny to tweet the following.

ErikShultz: Who wants to be the first person to buy me a beer? The prize is one on one time with me. #geekend

Arriving at the bar with a friend we got a drink and began to mingle with some of the Geekend peeps. I had a feeling someone would have a clever response to my generalized statement about free drinks. And who do you think it was?

OMGLX: My mom wants to know what you drink.

I am always one to take the bait.

ErikShultz: Clever answer: Sex on the beach. Real answer: Jack and Coke

OMGLX: Mom says no hard liquor on the first date. She’s a lady. Something’s comin’ your way… #Geekend

Now, let me give you a little history of my bar experience. I was a bar back and bartender for some time during and after college. Whenever a bartender comes asking for someone from behind the bar it is typically not for something good. I turn and hear the bartender is looking for someone named “Erik Shultz”. Of course I told her that was me. I believe she was surprised that someone even answered. She told me that someone bought me a drink.

ErikShultz: Now it is a party! When someone asks for you at the bar the cops are usually looking for you. #geekend #freedrinks

OMGLX: Mom says there’s still plenty of night left for the authorities to get involved… #Geekend #innuendo

ErikShultz: Not for me. Need her to tuck me in no later than 10pm.#geekend #puppylove

This is were the conversation went left and I was looking right. At my table where we were having a conversation about “actually”, I decided to tweet something that I thought was funny.

ErikShultz: What would you like to drink? Well, actually, I would like a sangria.#geekend

Did not take any time at all and the conversation continued.

OMGLX: Sangria, no… But my Mom is spanish! “w/ Much love to Erik.” #Geekend #amazingmoms

ErikShultz: Tell mom I am enjoying the shit out of this drink. #geekend #cougars

OMGLX: Mom says she’s super excited to hear that! Are you liquored up enough to meet her? #Geekend #antici…pation

ErikShultz: Please send my regrets to mom and let her know I will need to take a rain check. Side note: Thank you for the hospitality!#geekend

OMGLX: Absolutely! Mom says that postponing enjoyment makes for the best payoff! Maybe tomorrow. Side note: No problem! #Geekend

After the fact I did learn the photo is actually his mom. Nothing like a solid commitment to conversation. I hope you enjoyed my Geekend story. A special shout out thank you to Alex J. Sandoval, aka – OMGLX,  for playing along and helping create something fun.

Just to set the facts straight, I am married and unavailable. However, I am always available for a good joke and a free drink from a fictional man or women.

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  1. Nov 6 2010

    As one of the “friends,” it made for incredible entertainment last night. Thanks Erik and Alex!

  2. Nov 6 2010

    Now THAT was entertaining! Thanks for entertaining me through this session that is over my head! 🙂

  3. Nov 6 2010


    (Mom says, Hi. :p )

    I had SO much fun meeting you and goofing around– it’s always nice to meet like-minded (read: proportionately disturbed) people who have a sense of humor.

    I’ve often pined to meet people in my intended field who would embrace and cultivate my sense of humor and personality, but it can admittedly feel like a necessary evil to pare down who you are to get a job or meet people. You among others at Geekend, have given me much needed hope. (In addition, Oscar Gerardo. Have you SEEN that guy!? What a badass!)

    Anyways- SUPER fun being part of something that had people talking (and pointing and laughing) at this year’s Geekend. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

    We’ll be in touch. Much love (from me and Ma.)



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