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August 19, 2010


The Rise of Facebook Places

The web is on overload due to Facebook’s new service, Places. The now certain death to existing services like Foursquare and Gowalla now have a large monkey on their back.

As an occasional Foursquare user, I understand and enjoy the service. But I am extremely hesitant when it comes to Facebook. Facebook is on a scale that Foursquare could only dream of.

My Foursquare friends list consists of about a dozen or so people. My friends on Foursquare are real, living, breathing people who I have meant in person. Now compare that to my friends on Facebook, which include a slew of professional contacts, co-workers, college friends, family, and random friends.

I know most will understand my stance on this topic. The public is not ready for this huge release of our privacy on such a massive scale. At least I’m not, I’ll be sticking to Foursquare where I know my travel habits will only be shared with those I trust.

Please take a moment and watch the following video on how to disable facebook places on your account. Is your safety and privacy worth it?

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  1. Aug 19 2010

    But when you post your location to Facebook and Twitter using Foursquare it is relatively doing the same thing. Right? I, along with most people, are not familiar with the new Facebook places yet but I get the impression it will work just like 4sq.
    How does who I am friends with on 4sq effect who sees where I am? Aside from referring to my 4sq newsfeed, which I rarely do. Maybe I am missing something.
    6 in one half- half dozen in the other.
    BTW, I plan on continuing my 4sq use.

  2. Aug 19 2010

    Posting to Facebook and Twitter through Foursquare is still a controlled ability by the user. I have always found security much easier and trustworthy on those two platforms compare to Facebook.


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