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August 18, 2010


7 Great Products for Mac-lovers

My new favorite tumblr blog, Tsuvo Social, has posted a great mashup of morning Apple sweetness. Sarah was lucky enough to stumble upon the company TwelveSouth and she was absolutely stunned with their amazing accessories for Apple products. She will now share with you all of the products they offer — a lot of which most people will be purchasing after reviewing these items.Here we go…!

1. BookBook for Macbook Pros and iPads

These old, vintage-styled cases are absolutely brilliant! You can bet I will be investing in one. They are not only made of leather, but are handmade and one-of-a-kind (meaning yours will not look like anyone else’s!) They have dual zippers with leather pulls and a lined interior for protection. Buy MacBook case here. Buy iPad case here.

2. Compass for iPad

This is a great, sleek stand for your iPad. It is collapsible and adjustable so it can either be an easel and a typing stand! It even comes in a nice, modern carrying case. It’s convenient and portable. Definitely a must. Buy it here.

3. BookArc for Macbooks and iPads

These clever devices are not only a showcase of modern design, but also very functional. For the Macbook, you are clearing up a lot of space on your desk. And, for the iPad you will have a stand to view movies and photos on, as well as a nice way to store it. Buy the Macbook version here. Buy the iPad version here.

4. Surface Pad – Leather version (Macbook Pros and Macbooks)

This cover for your Macbook is a super-thin slice of leather with a beautiful embossed design. It’s not only classy, but also functional! Definitely a great-looking way to keep your MacBook protected from wear and tear. Buy it here.

5. Surface Pad – Colors!! (Only Macbooks)

Similar to the black Surface Pad above, these Surface Pads come in 5 different colors for a very custom feel to your Macbook. Again, protect but also look good doing it! Get one here.

6. BassJump for Macbook

This is a portable subwoofer for your Macbook! Sometimes you miss good sound quality, and now you can have it (and it will match with your Macbook! How nice is that?) I am continually stunned by all of these products TwevleSouth has created. They seem to work so seamlessly with the design intention made by Apple. Get a BassJump here.

7. BackPack Shelf for iMac

Here is another product I will most definitely be investing some money in. This is an adjustable shelf you attach to the back of your iMac where you can rest your iPhone, or even display some fun desk decorations! I know how fast my desk can clutter, so I will appreciate this. Get it here.

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed these products as much as Sarah and myself did. Thank you Tsuvo Social for the great post!

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  1. Aug 18 2010

    These are all great mac gadgets. I love the book case for iPad!


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