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July 29, 2010


Humongo visits Savannah

Savannah was lucky enough to be an official stop on the two-week long, Humongo Nation Tour. Darryl, of Humongo, is the leading force of this rolling celebration of creativity. Being a social media junkie and working at SCAD I made it my summer goal to meet the team in real life. After a meeting and a few emails it was going to be so. Humongo was going to be visiting SCAD, my alma mater.

I personally had a great time behind the scenes with my new friends; Matt, RJ, Renato and Kristien. Thank you for taking my picture so many times. I even made it into the video a couple of times.

RJ, Erik and Kristien

Humongo: meet your new r&d team

Research and development is arguably the most important investment a company can make in its future. Product development and design is what ultimately drives a company’s success, yet many firms don’t have the proper resources to invest in formal r&d teams. Other companies could benefit immensely from additional perspectives or new ideas above and beyond what their internal or agency teams are doing.

Victor Ermoli, Dean of SCAD’s School of Design told us about a new solution for brands looking to grow. SCAD’s collaborative learning program partners design students with actual companies, to help firms gain new perspectives and solutions for their products.

This is a winning situation for everyone involved. Brands get perspectives that would never be possible with an in-house design team or agency. Students get real world experience. Users get better, more interesting products.

JCB is just one of the companies that’s making use of this innovative program. Students reinvented the design of a new JCB bulldozer to be more rough and tough, so that it would have better appeal to it’s users. They also took into consideration the work environment of the bulldozer’s driver — this is a place where he’ll spend his entire workday, so why shouldn’t this get the same industrial design love as the rest of the machine?

The end result went into production, and is now a flagship JCB product offering that differentiates them from their competitors. How many students do you know who have worked on the redesign of actual construction, agricultural and material handling equipment?

We’ve seen collaborations of this sort in technology, bio-tech, engineering and some other fields – but not so much in the creative industry. Schools, businesses – pay attention to what’s happening at SCAD: collaboration is the new way, in a new economy and new world of business.

After a busy morning shoot on location at Montgomery Hall I wrangled the team over to Poetter Hall, SCAD’s flagship building. After a short tour around the graphic design department and admission, I had to get them into¬†shopSCAD. Be sure to check out Humongo’s flickr gallery for all the photos of their Savannah visit.

Humongo’s visit to SCAD was ending and it was time for them to share the social media juice with a couple other big players in the creative coast, BFG & Paula Deen. I personally would like to wish them safe travels and I hope our paths cross again outside the magical land of cyberspace.

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  1. Aug 3 2010

    You made me want to visit Savannah again, Erik. Love, love, love the town – and not just the Midnight in the Garden angle. Great personalities and cool vibe that reminds me of a more “Southern Genteel” Baltimore.

    P.S. The Humongo crowd are good peoples.

    • Aug 5 2010

      Thanks for the comments. Savannah is one of those cities that grows on everyone that visits.

      I feel the same way about about the Humongo crew!


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