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August 25, 2009

Is Snow Leopard just a cheap Windows 7 knockoff? | Windows – InfoWorld

Is Snow Leopard just a cheap Windows 7 knockoff? Kidding me?

“Where’s the beef?” I knew the features list would be lean — Apple has deliberately undersold Snow Leopard by pitching it as a relatively minor release — but please! It’s as if someone at Apple grabbed a copy of the Windows 7 beta and simply Xeroxed the release notes. -Xerox probably works better when connected to a Mac!

For example: This couldn’t more retarded.

64-bitness: Yippee,! Apple finally goes 64-bit — BFD! As a Windows user, I’ve been livin’ la vida 64-bit for more than three years. Vista was the first mainstream desktop OS to deliver a viable 64-bit experience, and Windows 7 has taken this migration further by making it the preferred flavor for business users. Great research

Meanwhile, Apple can’t even deliver a fully 64-bit implementation. Snow Leopard boots into a 32-bit kernel by default — something about a lack of 64-bit device drivers, which is ironic when you consider how small a hardware ecosystem Apple must govern when compared to Microsoft and its burden of having to run on just about anything with an Intel-compatible CPU.

Exposé Dock Integration: This one’s a joke, right? Am I to understand that Apple is just getting around to adding this? Microsoft has been offering this type of functionality (aka thumbnail preview) for years, and Windows 7 has taken the concept further with Aero Peek, Shake, and Snap. It sounds like Apple’s Xerox machine suffered a paper jam with this one — or perhaps it’s just stuck in one of those famous Mac OS X infinite loops. -No comment. Just far enough to be in left field.

Expanded PDF Preview: If this constitutes a “feature,” then Apple must really be grasping! I mean, Windows has supported PDF file preview — via an installable ifilter module — ever since Desktop Search debuted pre-Vista. In fact, the ability to seamlessly preview third-party content has been a staple of the Windows experience for years. So while I’m glad to see Apple finally getting on the ball with its PDF handling (I hear the updated viewer lets you basically do away with the piggish Adobe Reader for most common tasks), I’m still utterly stunned by the fact that this is even an issue. Provide a free (i.e. not trialware) XPS document viewer with Mac OS X and then maybe I’ll get excited.

This article must be a joke.

This guy is obnoxious and an idiot!

via Is Snow Leopard just a cheap Windows 7 knockoff? | Windows – InfoWorld.

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